10 days of fasting

Being an Indian is tougher than you would think. Bollywood movies makes it seem like we randomly bust out a dance move every times something happens… Far from reality.

The last time I danced was in 2006 and the last time I saw a group of people busting out a move was a couple of years ago at my cousins wedding, where I dodged all the aunties looking to match make.

80 percent of the time being Indian is easy…. well its easy because my mum allows me to eat anything that my heart desires as long as I don’t bring it into her house she is fine. So if its a thick juicy steak I am craving then its off to Spur we go.image

But come the main temple services which is 10 days in January and 10 days in July then I have no idea what to cook and all I want to cook is meat. In the past I used to speedily cook a tin of beans for 10 days… you can make the bean and legume supermarket range last long, I mean there is lentils, sugar beans, butter beans, bake beans, soya beans, borlotti beans, cannellini beans, double beans… that is 8 different meals for 10 days of fasting and trust me as soon as the flag comes down, know one wants to even look at a tin of beans.image

So this July fast day I decided it was time for some change with regards to the meals I was making.image

Keep watching this space for recipes such as puli curry, paneer chutney, cauliflower and pea curry, potatoe chutney, savory rice, yellow rice, pumpkin, green beans and pea curry, braised cabbage, wedding dhal, dhal with spinach, dhal with brinjals, yellow mong dhal and even an Indian veggie friendly dessert and don’t forget the salads to add an extra something to go with these dishes.

Just typing all these dishes is making me hungry and my mouth water.

What is your go to meal that you make over and over again during the fasting period?

Tell me what you think of this recipe