Zucchini and prosciutto frittata

Zucchini and prosciutto frittata As soon as I discovered Le Creuset and managed to get my hand on a couple of stove top to oven goodies, the world of cooking and baking took on another level completely all together. Now I can finally make frittatas which I could never do before. I was scared that … Continue reading Zucchini and prosciutto frittata

Moroccan potatoe stew with turmeric

Moroccan potatoe stew with turmeric When it comes to fasting, my parents are very very veryyyyyy ( not sure how many more very I should add)  picky. Each parent has a list of what they will and will not eat when it comes to veggies, from paneer to broccoli to cauliflower. My mother doesn’t want … Continue reading Moroccan potatoe stew with turmeric