Chilli bitten was started way back in 2015.

I started the blog to document my journey of teaching myself how to cook like Julia Child by my 30th birthday. But as the days turned into months and the months turned into years, the blog was transformed to a page where I can share my tried and tested recipes.

Over time and as my culinary skills improved, I ventured out into the field of Vegan cooking and baking as well as the Vegetarian world. Seeing as my mum became a vegetarian and I discovered amazing recipes that I just had to try out and share with all my followers.

A little bit about Bobby, foodie, sweet tooth and self-taught baker….baking is in my genes, a skilled that was past down from my gran to my mum and now to me.

Well firstly my name is not Bobby, my mum gave me this nick name when I was a baby and it stuck somehow.

In another life time I was a Civil engineer…. and yes I do sometimes use my drawing skills and my building skills to build gravity defining cakes…. but most of the times I slap butter cream on slices of cake and pray that gravity only kicks in once the cake has left the building.

Most of my days are spent either in the kitchen cooking up a storm or wondering the isles of stores looking for kitchen gadgets. Another thing you should know about me, I loveeeee kitchen gadgets. I have a gadget for everything, from cutting apples to  coring peppers to making pastry lattices….

My new love is my Le Creust pots and pans and spatulas. I cart my pots and pans along with me, whenever we have a family function that requires cooking.

Also one can never have enough cookie cutters. Just like one can never have enough cook books, that is another thing I love, I love to collect recipe books…. I currently own over 100 cook books and hopefully one day my own recipe book will be gracing my shelves.

My three greatest supporters, critics and food taste testers are my mum, dad and baby brother.

Thanks to my blog I have managed to rub shoulders some famous people one of them would be the host of the ultimate braai master Justin Bonello.

Tell me what you think of this recipe