Avo on toast

It’s the simple things in life that make it bearable, avocado on toast, actually avocado on anything is a life saver. I love love LOVE avocado.

When the holiday started, I thought that I could take it easy, relax, kick up my feet but NO. I landed up spraining my ankle and had to wear slip slops all week long because my foot could not and would not stuff itself into my shoe. My right ankle was double the size of my left ankle that it scared my mother and because I didn’t want her to touch it, she did the next best thing. She threatened me by telling me straight, that if I didn’t get the swelling down in a week, I was going to be knocked unconscious, stuffed into the boot of the car and driven to the doctor. She knows how much I hate doctors so what other choice did I have, other than to let me do her magic on my ankle.

3 times daily, hot water soak, a ton load of deepheat cream, followed by a full minute of deepheat spray, that made me smell like an old arthritic person that belonged in an old age home.

I really did try and stay off the foot, but alas, with Christmas comes chaos .

While I was out of commission, my father was in charge of cooking. Breakfast was a lame egg, not sure if he tried to fry it or scramble it. One look and I refused, the white wobbled every time you shook the plate and there was no crispy bottoms. I tried to coax him into making a meal for lunch or for supper and all he landed up doing was telling me to order something it was too hot to cook or he was too tired. Men I tell you.

 My mother offered to do the dishes, all I can say is whoever taught her to wash dishes needs to be get a serious talking to.

My mother washes dishes in a bowl that she places in the sink, she refuses to wash in the sink itself, which means there is no deep cleaning of my cutting boards, just a quick gentle wash and rinse. I nearly killed her when I found a dried up tomatoe seed  still stuck to the board, I wanted to know from her did she not know of flesh-eating bacteria that could be multiplying on my board and who on earth washed a dirty cutting board with a dish cloth??? Had she not heard of a thing called steel wool??? Her reply was, I should ger myself a plastic board and then this wouldn’t happen. No comment and lets no mention how my organized kitchen now looks, I have Tupperware staked between crockery, I have bowls stacked ontop of plates and my pots and pans are sitting on the counter as they don’t fit in the cupboard anymore.

Also I was unable to get angry angry, because when I get mad, my sinuses act up and then the post nasal drip kicks into major gear and I cough like I am trying to cough up a hair ball or something.

The only thing saving me from murdering anyone was the fact that I could at least make one meal, even if it meant that I had to sit while I made, but it was something I could make and crunch as loud as I wanted to drown out the noise and the chaos and the saltiness of the avo mixed with the cheese and the bursting of the tomatoes on the tongue. For those few minutes the world was right, there was no kitchen falling apart there was no customer queries there was no swollen ankle and there was no post nasal drip trying to kill me. Apparently chewing helps to open up the sinuses, that’s what I read somewhere a while back.

And before you ask, no I did not make this dish for anyone else in the family. My father wants sugar with his avocado and he can’t eat toast, its too hard for him. My mother doesn’t eat tomato, so from my personal opinion, yes I would eat this dish over and over again for the rest of my life.

I found this recipe in Prim Reddy’s book Temptations. It is quick and easy to make and since the ingredients are already staples in our household there wasn’t even a need to pop around to the shops.

Maybe just maybe, no promises once I have cooled down I might just might offer to make this for the parentals. Don’t hold your breath, I have a long road of getting my kitchen back to the way it was before we can even think about cooking for the parents again. They do not I repeat do not deserve to eat my food. Just kidding, I will feed them, besides my dad was already asking when I was going to go shopping because there were no snacks in the pantry and he was tired of eating peanuts and raisins.


  • 2 x slices of buttered toast.
  • 1 x avocado, pitted mashed.
  • Salt and pepper to season.
  • Plain cream cheese.
  • Fresh rocket to garnish.
  • Mini rosa tomatoes, halved.
  • Lemon wedges.


  • Generously season the mash avocado.
  • Evenly spread the mashed avocado over the buttered toast.
  • Top with a dollop of cream cheese.
  • Garnish with fresh rocket and halved rosa tomatoes.
  • Squeeze the lemon wedge over the avocado toast before enjoying.

Tell me what you think of this recipe