Banana puri…without the banana


I have tried making this for the past 2 years, without success.

The first time I attempted to make banana puri, the puri unravelled and didn’t puff up… some even stayed flat.

But month after month… video after video and recipe after recipe I have improved.

I attempted it again last month and it didn’t puff up as it should, but the pastry did not unroll.

I used my same recipe, but I adapted the method to try and incorporate the common methods that I came across while researching.

For example, most recipes say roll out a little, but then I came across a recipe that gave a specific measurement…roll till 12cm long and I found that that method worked best.

Another recipe said fry and flip and then I came across a specific one that said, as soon as the pastry rises to the top, gently open the layers and allow to fry which helps to puff up the pastry and it worked.

Now there is no stopping me.

Although I am not sure where the banana part comes in and no one seems to want to be able to help me figure that out either lol

Ingredients for the pastry:

1 x cup cake flour

½ x tsp rose essence

1 x tbsp. ghee.

1 ½ x tsp baking powder.

½ x cup water.

Melted ghee and cornflour for sprinkling.


In a bowl, sift the cake flour and baking powder together.

Add the ghee and rub it into the mixture till it resembles crumbs

Add water and rose essence.


Mix well to form a soft dough.

Turn out onto a floured surface and knead till smooth.

Divide into 5 pieces.


Roll each piece into a 20cm circle.

Place one circle on a floured surface.

Brush with melted ghee and then sprinkle corn flour over the entire circle,

Place the second layer down and repeat the process for layers 3 and 4.

Place the last and final circle down.

Sprinkle corn flour all over the top of the circle.

Then roll the entire stack out till you get a 30cm circle.

Brush melted ghee over the top.

Roll up like a swiss roll.

Using a ruler and a sharp knife, cut 2cm wedges.

Gently pry the lose end flap of each wedge. Seal the flap with a little water.


Place a wedge upright down on your surface and roll it lengthwise till you get a length of 12 cm. I used a ruler o measure that I was getting 12 cm.

Bring a pot of oil to the boil over a medium heat.

You will have to fry one puri at a time so that all will puff up and none will burn.

Gently pop one puri into the oil.

As soon as it rises to the top, using two forks, gently pry the layers open.

Allow to fry a little on one side and then flip and allow to gently fry on the other side.

The puri should still be pale if not lightly golden brown but not brown in colour.

Remove from the oil and place on paper towels to drain over night. You will need to replace the hand towel as the oil does take a while to seep out.

The next day make the syrup by combing 250ml normal white sugar and 500ml tap water.

Bring to the boil till a drop ball consistency is achieved.

Carefully pour about 2 x tsp or more if you like of syrup over the puri.


Sprinkle coloured coconut over the top

GUESS WHAT??? Now you can banana puri like a pro!!!!

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