Braised pumpkin

I love this braised pumpkin.

I seem to be the only one who can eat the entire dish come prayer time.

When I first made it, it was like pumpkin soup because I added so much water. But now that I know you supposed add only a little at a time I have become an expert on this recipe.




  • 1 x packet of pumpkin cubes.
  • 1 x onion, chopped.
  • Sugar to taste.
  • 1/4x tsp mustard seeds.
  • 1 x piece of cinnamon stick.
  • 1 blob of margarine.
  • 1 x tsp white sugar.


  • Melt the margarine and sauté the onions till transparent.
  • Add the mustard seeds, and allow to fry for about 5 minutes on a low heat.
  • Add the pumpkin cubes and cover.
  • Cook on a low heat until soft.
  • Add a little water if necessary to prevent the pumpkin from sticking to the bottom of the pot.
  • When the pumpkin is soft, use your fork to mash and mix to resemble mashed potatoe.
  • Remove from the heat and sprinkle sugar over the top as well as the cinnamon powder.

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