Breakfast quesadillas


I have never heard about this ever before until I was watching The Pioneer Women and then I forgot about it until I read about it again in Ree’s cook book.

I was stuck on what to make for breakfast the other day when I remembered that I had plain tortillas in my fridge. That was definitely a sign in my books to at least try out this recipe.

It was actually delicious and very filling… everyone could only eat 2 out of the 4 slices.

The only difficulty I found with making this dish was the flipping over, but nothing a pot lid over the pan couldn’t fix when I was flipping.

This is definitely a delicious breakfast and I would eat it ever day over and over again till my jeans couldn’t button any more.


Some bacon, chopped.

1 x onion, chopped.

1 x green pepper, deseeded and chopped.

4 x eggs,whisked with a little milk.

Season with salt and pepper.

2 x plain tortillas.

1 x cup grated cheese.

1 x tomatoe chopped.


Scramble the egss until well done and golden brown, remove from pan and set aside.

Cook the onions, tomatoes, greenpeppers and bacon till the onions are transparent.


In  pan, heat some oil, place one tortilla down, add some grated cheese, add the bacon mixture and the top with scrambled eggs.



Add some more grated cheese over the top and finally top with another tortilla.



Allow the one side to brown nicely and then carefully flip and allow the other side to brown.


Remove from the pan and slice into quarters.

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