Burn’t, misshaped, half raw, broken cookies are a thing of the past…

Now I am sure you are all judging me for reading the word selfish. I know I would be judging myself if I was the same person I was in 2016… but I am not.

My mother always taught me that it is wrong to be selfish and I have never been selfish I have always shared everything I had even if it meant that there wouldn’t be a cookie or a slice of cake for me to eat. My mother also taught me that when you get visitors you give them the best of the best cookies and you take the broken, burnt or funny shaped ones for yourself. I was all for that.


2017 came around and as I was reflecting on 2016 I saw a different picture. I saw firstly that people only really pretended to be my friend so that I would bake this and cook this and that for them, I would literally go out of my way for them. Family took advantage. Fingers were clicked and orders were given and cake, biscuits, roti… you name it and I made it for them. For what??? Only for a family feud to turn them against me and all of a sudden I was the Devil’s child and yet I spent the better part of 2016 fulfilling their culinary desire. If I couldn’t bake it, then I went out and bought it for them. I spent so much time make sure that when we had visitors over or family over that there was food that I forgot about my parents who on these days had to suffer in silence and eat take aways or what ever was left over.

That is why this year I am refusing to do anything that involves a stove or an oven for anyone other than my parents and myself of course. That said if I do get a visitor I am warning in advance you will given store bought biscuits with your tea… because that biscuits you smell baking is for me and me alone… I am going to enjoy those warm biscuits and not feel bad at all for not sharing, because I have shared enough in the past 28 years to last a life time.

Time to put myself first and enjoy the first biscuit that comes out perfect.

PS: Sorry mum but sometimes you just have to put yourself first to find out who really loves you for who you are and not for what you can bake.

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