Candy box cake

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I made this cake a while back for my friend’s son.

Back then it was the in thing, these box cakes, it was actually easier than I thought to make.

All I can say is that those kids ate this cake for breakfast so I can expect that they had a sugar high the entire day.


  • 1 x square chocolate cake.
  • Chocolate icing.
  • Ribbon
  • Assortment of loose sweets.
  • Kit kat 4 fingers
  • 1 x box choc sticks.

How to assemble this cake.

  • Cover the entire cake with your chocolate icine.
  • Stick your kit kat fingers around the side of the cake and tie the ribbon around the cake to keep the kit kat fingers nice and snug against the cake.
  • Cut the plain parts of the choc sticks off and just keep the chocolate covered part.
  • Place the choc sticks in the center of the cake to make compartments for the loose sweets.
  • Place your sweets in each compartment gentle pressing them down so that they stick into the icing.
  • Sit back and enjoy.

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