Caramel tart

I love anything with caramel in, but sometimes the store bought package is soo tiny that you can’t enjoy it.PICTURES 058

Seeing as I am learning to make delicious Sunday treats, I destructed the dessert and tried to replicate it myself.



  • 1L x caramel mousse.
  • 1 x tin Nestle caramel treat.
  • 1 x pack mini caramel swiss roll.


  • Arrange the swiss roll in a square dish, so that the entire bottom is covered.PICTURES 035.JPG
  • Pour the mousse over the swiss roll and evenly spread it, so that all the swiss roll is covered.


  • Pour the caramel over the moussee and spread it evenly.PICTURES 038
  • Grate flake over the top, this is optional, but I think it adds a special touch to the dessert.PICTURES 040
  • Pop into the fridge to chill for 4 – 8 hours or over night.

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