Whose feeling toasty?


When the urge gets me and I don’t feel like reading  a magazine online, I do go out and buy one even if it is just to feel human again and turning a page with the lick of a finger instead of scrolling on the computer screen.

I came across this article where it showed an array of different toast toppings. It immediately caught my attention as my mother is a massive lover of toast, she hasn’t eaten plain bread in 5 years it always toast. I thought making these toppings would be just up her street.

Of course she is old school where most toast toppings are peanut butter with jam, avocado and toast, plain butter and cheese spread. Making her try these new toppings was like a walk in Jurassic park.image

The nutella and and banana one she loved, till she landed up in the emergency room with an allergic reaction to the banana that was an eventful trip. My mum went it for her allergic reaction and they landed up taking an EGC and giving her be calm tablets because she was hyped. lolimage

The avocado one was delicious, but people who do not love the strong tangy taste of Tabasco sauce should STAY AWAY.image

The salmon and cucumber was another hit but the fishy after taste didn’t seem to want to go away and it also made me crave sushi the rest of the day.image

I myself am not a huge fan of blackberries, but seeing as I was trying to follow this page to the tee I gave it a try… the chunky cottage cheese and the mind of matter thing when it came to the black berries… I did not like this option at all

I hope my fellow readers and followers will try out these delicious, healthy and nutritious toast toppings as well.



When toasted cheese becomes your friend

imageI don’t fast, unless it is like a major temple service or a family prayer then yes, I am a strict vegetarian for the duration of that period.

My parents fast, Tuesdays and Fridays which makes cooking meat for one person a tad bit difficult. I tend to either take aways or eat veggie food with them on these days.

To cook vegetables 2 times a week becomes more and more difficult as month end nears and the foodie inspiration dries up.

But I can always trust on the old faithful…toasted cheese and tomatoe sandwiches, of course there are may ways to make this sandwich, with plain bread, health bread, seeded bread, rolls and even naan bread, you can add what ever your heart desires.

The best combination I have come up with, well the combination that touches my soul to the corners, that makes me feel as if I am part of the fasting crew and actually fills me up is that combination of buttered white bread, layered with gouda cheese, grated sweetmilk cheese layered ontop of the gouda, thinly sliced tomatoes, fried onions and seasoned with salt and pepper. Grilled in a pan over a low heat till both sides and nicely brown. Remove from the heat and cut the sandwich in triangles. For the piece de resistance add some fried potatoes chips on the side.

The perfect meal for any fasting day and everyone will be smiling and happy, tummies will be full.