Vegan bread and butter pudding

My dad’s all time favourite Sunday dessert is bread and budding pudding with custard. He could eat it every Sunday and not get tired of it. In 2017, when I came third in the Local Spar competition, I entered the competition using his favourite bread pudding recipe. My mum doesn’t eat bread pudding as the … Continue reading Vegan bread and butter pudding

Bird’s nests with french meringue

I am not a fan of making meringues. I remember the time I tried making meringues by hand… wow what a painstaking exercise, although the chefs on television make it look so easy. My mixture never seemed to progress pass the foamy stage. When I finally managed to locate my family’s 28 year old, never … Continue reading Bird’s nests with french meringue

Winter swiss roll bowl cake

I just love this recipe of Lorraine's. It came out perfect the first time around. My family loved this recipe.   Ingredients: 2 x jumbo Swiss rolls 150ml x rum or for a non alcoholic option use non alcoholic beer or apple juice. 2-3 litres ice cream (chocolate or vanilla or both), softened but still frozen Method: … Continue reading Winter swiss roll bowl cake

Eggless Christmas pudding.

You know they say practice makes perfect... well Christmas 2017 there was no time to practice. I wasn't actually going to make a Christmas cake, because it happened to fall on a fasting day. But I was scratching in my mother's recipe book when I came across an eggless fruit cake recipe... so you know … Continue reading Eggless Christmas pudding.