Moroccan potatoe stew with turmeric

Moroccan potatoe stew with turmeric When it comes to fasting, my parents are very very veryyyyyy ( not sure how many more very I should add)  picky. Each parent has a list of what they will and will not eat when it comes to veggies, from paneer to broccoli to cauliflower. My mother doesn’t want … Continue reading Moroccan potatoe stew with turmeric

Vegetarian stacked enchiladas

Vegetarian stacked enchiladas My mother has a thing for enchiladas after she saw me making a enchilada dish one night. Of course my the dish contained meat, so she watched from the side lines while we devoured it. Since then, whenever I ask what she feels like eating, she keeps hinting at enchiladas. She wants … Continue reading Vegetarian stacked enchiladas