Childhood memories

What is your fondest most remembered childhood food memory?

Mine is probably the cold meat sandwiches my gran used to make for me not forgetting the delicious coffee.

To dip those sandwiches in the coffee and eat it. That was pure joy.

Back in those days, my gran had her own butcher. That butcher man used to scare me, he had a claw for a hand. In those days prosthetics were not as advanced as it is today.

That hook he would open it and close it and laugh at me while I hid under my grans table while he delivered her meat.

That cold meat never even made it to the fridge, it was made into sandwiches with mayo and lettuce straight away.

But when she passed on we stopped using that butcher and started buying cold meat from the local super market.

Those cold meat sandwiches were so delicious and so tasty, nothing can compare.

To this day, I am still trying to replicate her sandwich’s taste.

Nothing comes close I say.

I think the secret ingredient was just LOVE.




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