Chocolate covered dates

I haven’t been baking that much since Diwali.

Boy 4 days and 15 sweetmeats later, the sink took on a new look and the stove changed colour.

I am baked out, not that my parents would give me a few minutes to rest. Come the day after Diwali and they were crying that seeing as I neglected them over Diwali now would be the time to make treats and meals that they enjoy.

I wish I could go back in time and juggle their memories, who do to they think was taste testing every sweetmeat while I was making it??? Only the two of them. My brother was into the penda he wouldn’t blink while I was shaping them. He allowed me to shape one for my trays and then the next one I shaped was his and it went on and on, till the bowl was empty and then I still had to show him the mixing bowl to prove that it really was empty. The family that I associate with I tell you.

I might have gone a bit mad in the fruit isle seeing as I landed up buying 3 boxes of dates and I only used one box for Diwali.

I was going to pop the rest in the freezer for whenever the need to use them rose, but knowing my mother she kept hinting if I was going to use it because she had a recipe that required dates. I normally would have caved in and given her the dates, but the last time I let my mother loose in the kitchen to try out a recipe, she managed to use every possible measuring item I had in the draw and created a few mountains of dirty dishes.

Seeing as I washed a lot of dishes this past week, I did not take her bait and I decided to make my go to treat yet again.

The original plan was to coat the date in dark chocolate and then drizzle over with white chocolate, that was the plan and then everything went haywire. Firstly the Cadbury white chocolate bar I bought started melting like it should and then load shedding happened and when the power was back on the chocolate didn’t want to temper anymore it just getting clumped so I scraped that attempt and tried using white baking chocolate.

When I took the bag out of the freezer, it busted and the chocolate pieces went in every draw in the freezer, so there I was pulling each draw out and picking up every piece of chocolate and like the Cadbury slab before it melted and then Eskom announced it was moving from stage 2 to stage 4 and the chocolate congealed again and I was just too mad to even try and save it, into the bin the second batch went. Remind me never again to be so eager to want to temper white chocolate.

I was mad when I started pitting dates, but after a few I was cool calm and collected. Nothing brings peace to me than standing in the kitchen and pitting dates over the counter. Believe it or not, but I behaved myself and I didn’t even sneak a few dates when no one was watching.

I still had a few kilos of gold wings and coloured almonds left over from Diwali, so I went a tad bit nuts while I was decorating these dates. Let’s just say I have started practising for Diwali 2022. One can never start to early.

I wonder if I eat a few kilos of this I will become smarter?? Almonds are supposed to be brain food or, so I am told. I tried that remedy, drinking milk and almonds everyday when I was in school, all it did was make me sleepy. Maybe I was too intelligent in school that is why it didn’t work. Just kidding.

The only down side of making this dish, the chocolate has to set otherwise it is going to be a nightmare there will be melted chocolate all over the place, especially if you make this treat on a hot summery day.

I came across this recipe on Aniseeds Instagram page.


  • Melted milk chocolate.
  • Fresh medjool dates
  • Whole almonds.


  • Remove the pip of the date, by slicing the date across one side.
  • Stuff with an almond.
  • Close tightly and dip in the melted chocolate.
  • Shake off the excess melted chocolate and place the chocolate covered date on a baking tray that is covered with parchment paper.
  • Decorate as you please.
  • Repeat this process till all the dates have been pitted, dipped and decorated.
  • Pop into the fridge to chill overnight or for a few hours to allow the chocolate to set.

Tell me what you think of this recipe