Corn bread

I have always heard of corn bread being made on television and I recently visited a friend whose sister was visiting her and she was busy making corn bread, I left before it was completed baking, so I never got to taste.

I was reading Tiffani’s cookbook and I came across a recipe for skillet corn bread and seeing as I had some polenta laying around in the cupboard I decided to make it and the recipe said that it would go perfect with three bean chilli, which was perfectly planned for a fasting Friday.

The original corn bread recipe contained egg, but I substituted it with egg replacer powder to turn it into an eggless version.

The verdict, I loved it, my dad loved it, he was surprised that it tasted soo delicious. My mother on the other hand, outright refused to eat it. She said she was not a fan of the polenta and she could see it every time she looked at the corn bread so she skipped it all together. She also mentioned that it looked filling and heavy and she didn’t want to feel stuffed even before she started on the chilli.


  • 1 ½ (150g) x butter.
  • 1 x cup buttermilk.
  • ½ x cup maple syrup.
  • 4 x vegan eggs ( 2 x tbsp. egg replacer powder mixed with 4 x tbsp. boiling water) or for the meat version 3 x large eggs.
  • 1 ½ x cups polenta.
  • 1 x cup cake flour.
  • ¼ x cup castor sugar.
  • 1 ½ x tbsp. baking powder.
  • 1 ½ x tsp salt.
  • ½ x tsp bicarbonate of soda.


  • Melt the butter till it starts to become lightly brown, remove from the heat and set aside.
  • In a bowl, whisk together the butter milk, maple syrup and milk.
  • Whisk in the eggs until well combined.
  • Whisk in the melted butter.
  • Add the cake flour, polenta, castor sugar, baking powder, salt and bicarbonate of soda.
  • Whisk till well combined.
  • Pour into a greased baking tin or skillet.
  • Pop into a preheated oven and bake at 180 degrees for 20 – 30 minutes or until the cake tester comes out clean.

Tell me what you think of this recipe