Croque madame

Wow, it has been forever since I last sat down and blogged a post. Not that I am not cooking, I still stand behind a stove, sometimes barefoot lol but not pregnant and still turn out edible food for every meal of the day.

There has just been no time to sit down and write them all up and share them with everyone.

I thought coming back from a three month break would mean everything would start from the beginning, I was soo wrong, people expect me to remember things and be able to do things that I did way back in September. Let me just tell you one thing I have zero recognition of what I did after the 18th August 2019. Well I still have zero memory of what I did a couple of days ago. Trauma and post traumatic stress are not something one should take lightly. Didn’t think I would fall into the category, but here I am.

I found that blogging was a way to express my pain and for a few minutes while I sat in front of the computer and immersed myself in recipes and words my pain went away. Then I stopped blogging and I went right back down that hole all over again.

7 months later and I still have to will myself to do most things like going to work, doing work and being able to fully function when dealing with customers. Then the COVID 19 hit and well that didn’t really help my anxiety levels. I find myself freaking out and being short tempered when I have queries that require me to leave the comfort of my office.

I like to be able to control things in my life, before the 18th of August, I used to be able to read situations, know what was going to happen and how it was going to play out, know when customers phone what they already are going to want, then my life unravelled and it seems the harder I am trying to put all the pieces back together and bring order and control to my life the harder my life is fighting back at me with chaos and problems.

If I don’t plan a menu, I just loose it and never seem to be able to muster up the courage and energy to cook or bake.

Take this recipe for example. The original plan was to make a pot of curry but I forgot to take the meat out to defrost and since my waist line and my newly developed chicken wings… just kidding got sick and tired of fast food, I really just wanted homemade comfort food that was quick and easy to make, was filling and had minimum ingredients, after all we are in lock down and while I was working the world was literally empting all the shop shelves of food.

I came across this recipe and it just screamed at me, super quick, super easy, super delicious, the only downside is that it required a poached egg…nope never going to happen, I hate the feeling of the egg white on my tongue, so I opted for a fried egg rather. Served with a simple side salad it became a fulling meal.

I always got to use my griddle pan which I got for about 2 years ago but never bothered to open let alone use.


  • 2 x slices bread, buttered on both sides.
  • 140g x gruyere cheese, grated.
  • 150g x wafer thin chicken slices.
  • 1 x fried egg.
  • Salt and pepper to season.


  • Place on sliced of bread in a pan.
  • Layer some cheese, some chicken slices and some more cheese.
  • Top with the other slice of bread.
  • Grill both sides of the sandwiches till lightly golden brown.
  • Slide onto a plate and top with a fried egg and season well.

Tell me what you think of this recipe