Deep fried milk dumplings


I like to try out different Indian desserts every now and then.

Most Sunday’s I make a cake for tea time, so that everyone can enjoy a piece of cake with their cup of java.

With the July temple prayers upon us, time is not my friend, especially when some genius decided that temple should start at 4, which means that everything has to be done quickly and rearranged including 3 pm tea time.

Today I decided to make deep friend milk dumplings, I have had this recipe from the beginning of time and I just never had to urge to make it, because it seems more like a bite sized snack for during the week rather than a Sunday sweet treat.

Nevertheless I was greatly surprised when I made it today.

The dessert it so soft and moist and only has a hint of rose.

From all my watching of cooking shows, I have at least learnt one thing that rose water is a tricky ingredient and too much can be very over powder, but not in this case, the rose flavour in these balls are delicate.

These balls make roughly 18 medium sized balls.


  • 2 x tbsp. room temperature butter.
  • 1 ¾ x cup klim powder.
  • 1 x cup cake flour.
  • 1 x tsp baking powder.
  • ¼ x tsp elatchi powder.
  • 2 x tsp rose water.
  • 1 x cup castor sugar
  • 2 x cups water.
  • Icing sugar for dusting.


  • In a bowl, add the klim powder.
  • Add the butter and using your fingers rub the butter into the klim.
  • Add the cake flour, baking powder and elatchi powder and stir to combine.
  • Add 1 cup of water and mix.
  • Cover the bowl with cling wrap and pop into the fridge to chill for 3 hours.
  • Using a mechanical ice cream scoop, scoop out balls of the mixture and drop into hot oil.
  • Deep fry till golden brown, remove from the oil and drain on a paper towel.
  • In another pot mix the castor sugar and the remaining 1 cup of water.
  • Bring the mixture to a steady boil and stir in the rose water.
  • Pop your balls into the mixture and toss to coat for about a minute or two.
  • Using a slotted spoon, remove the balls from the syrup.
  • Roll in the castor sugar and shake off any extra sugar that might be sticking to the balls.

Tell me what you think of this recipe