Diwali 2017


Wow… Diwali took forever to come and when it finally did arrive, it went by so quickly.

This year, like last, my mother gave me the opportunity to make all the sweetmeats to put on our trays.

I was in shock, that I managed to even pull of the feat in itself. Most Aunties started the Friday before Diwali, I started the Sunday before which left me with only 3 days to make everything.

The day before, the kitchen looked like a war zone, there was bit of batter every where and the sink had become a rainbow. Do not even mention my shirt, it looked like I hadn’t washed it in years. I was too stressed out to worry about an apron and to make matters worst, I wore a white tshirt!!!

My parents were left to fend for themselves from Sunday, it was burgers and burgers and more burgers for those 3 days… that my body just didn’t want to eat another ounce of processed meat.

For the actual trays, I made burfee, vermicelli halwa, butter biscuits, banana puri, yallede biscuits, cupcakes, penda, coconut paak, channa magjie, sev and nuts, morkoo, samoosas, poli, laddo and naan katai biscuits.


My mum was kind enough to fill my little baggies full of sev and nuts while I fried the oil cake… the samosas.


Our custom is that we can not celebrate Diwali, unless we fry something in oil… hence the term oil cake… this year I made extra samosas to fry as out oil cake.


I think my new favourite holiday is Diwali, I just love it and to top it all off, I went out and bought the plastic little candles to put in each tray J It is the festival of lights after all!!!

Now its back to cleaning, scrubbing pots and pans and trying to get all the glitter I used to decorate my cakes with off every surface, including the ceiling 🙁

Till Diwali 2018

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