Eggless burfee cake




125g x room temperature soft Rama Margarine.

125g x Hulletts castor sugar

100g x Nestle Klim milk powder… I have not tried this with cremora powder.

120ml x Nestle dessert cream

200ml x milk…. I used 2% as we use that at home.

5ml x vanilla essence

210g x cake flour

7,5ml x baking powder

5ml x bicarbonate of soda

2,5ml x elatchi powder


In a bowl, beat the sugar and the margarine together.


Add the Klim powder and beat till it starts to resembles crumbs.


Add the dessert cream and mix, the mixture should become a wet mixture.

Add the milk and vanilla essence.

Beat well till the mixture is nice and runny, there should no lumps.

In a bowl, mix the cake flour, the elatchi powder, the baking powder and the bicarbonate of soda together.

Add this flour mixture to your wet bowl and mix till everything is well incorporated.


Pour mixture into a greased baking tin… I used a 20cm round baking tin.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for roughly 20 minutes on until the cake tester comes out clean.

Allow to cool before icing.

I made a double layered cake, so I repeated the recipe over again.

For the icing, I used a cream cheese frosting.


Cream cheese frosting

120g x soft room temperature Rama margarine.

375ml x sifted icing sugar
… I like to sift it so that there are no lumps of icing sugar stuck in the frosting.

230g x plain cream cheese

5ml x  Vanilla essence

Tinted almonds, to decorate


Cream margarine and icing sugar together.

Add the cream cheese and continue beating.

Add vanilla essence.
Continue beating until smooth


Once the cake is cool, ice to your hearts content and sprinkled coloured almonds over the top of the cake for an extra special effect.


Tell me what you think of this recipe