Why is the perfect eggless red velvet cake eluding me

One of the down sides of being an Indian, is the constant fasting. Sustaining from meat has never been easy on me NEVER!!!

As a child, my mother never forced me to fast, I was allowed to eat meat out of the house during the fasting times. Which was easy seeing as my gran used to stuff me up with meat and send me packing or as I got older the local drive through became my next stop before heading home.

Now however that I am older, I am fasting, the only thing though is that dessert becomes more difficult. Every cake or dessert or tea time treat tends to always be made with eggs and unlike some Indians, who think eating an egg is okay during fasting, my mother is not one of them. When we fast its eggless, meatless, different pots and different different plates… that is how strict she is.

Red velvet is my favourite especially with cream cheese frosting so I am in search of trying to find one. I came across one where you use yoghurt instead of eggs and you add coco powder… it tastes okay but it does not taste like red velvet at all.

I tried to make my own version as well. Where I used my basic sponge cake recipe but tweaked it a bit by adding 2tsp cocoa powder and red food colouring to make it red

But it still doesn’t taste like it should.

Oh well this eggless red velvet cake recipe seems to be eluding me, but not for long.

Tell me what you think of this recipe