Father’s day trifle

Every weekend my dad cries like a baby that he is craving trifle. Which under normal circumstances in our household literally only gets made for Christmas dessert.

Secondly, jelly contains bovine gelatine, and the store bought  swiss roll contains eggs, which are both on my mother’s do not eat list, so trifle is out of the question.

I came across Cariema’s sister-in-law’s Eid trifle recipe and it looked soo yummy in the book and she gave me an idea. Instead of using the normal swiss roll, she used a vanilla sponge cake, which got thinking I could use my eggless vanilla sponge cake as a substitute.

The only other problem was the jelly, but thanks to the aunty at the spice shop who was more than eager to make me buy 1 packet of each flavour of vegan jelly made with agar agar powder.

SOOO there we were with an eggless sponge cake and a vegan jelly, which meant that my dad could finally get his trifle and everyone and I mean everyone could enjoy it.

My mother loved it, she said it was light and fluffy and not heavy like the normal trifle. My dad couldn’t get enough of it, he skipped supper so that he could have double helpings.

The only problem my mother had was the nuts, she told me I should have chopped them up. In my defence, the plan was to chop them up, they were sitting on the chopping board when I heard the doorbell ringing. My uncle came to visit 15 minutes before lunch was supposed to be served. My mother always taught me that seeing as my dad is the head of the household, he eats first before we even consider offering food to the guests or anyone who stops by.

So you can see the little situation I was in, because my uncle does not understand that little rule we have in our household, if he had to see the trifle, he would eat the entire bowl and forget that it was my dad’s father’s day treat. I just threw in the nuts whole and rushed through the last layers hence the over flowing all over the fridge.

Thank goodness there wasn’t too much spillage and my dad was a happy chappy that he finally got his cravings fulfilled.


  • 2 x different colour jellies, set as per the packet instructions.
  • 1 x round sponge cake, divide horizontally into two laters.
  • 1 x 410g tin mixed fruit, drained.
  • Kirsch liquid.
  • Chopped pecan nuts.
  • 400ml x custard.
  • 1 x 290g tin Nestle dessert cream
  • 1 x cup lightly whipped cream.
  • Grated flake to garnish.


  • To assemble your tifle layer as following:
  • 1st half of sponge to became the base.
  • Generously drizzle over some kirsch liquid.
  • Layer 1 colour of jelly.
  • Add half the canned fruit.
  • Add a few nuts.
  • Pour over half the custard.
  • Repeat this process again.
  • On the last layer of custard, pour over the dessert cream.
  • Evenly spread over the whipped cream.
  • Garnish with grated flake and pop in the fridge to chill before serving.

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