Hominy casserole


Yes you read the word correctly HOMINY I kept thinking it was harmony.

I saw Ree Drummond making this dish on her show the other night for a family supper.

It looked really interesting and I was intrigued, of course trying to locate the recipe was another thing all together. I kept searching for a harmony recipe and not a hominy recipe it took about a day to figure that my ears need to be checked but what can I say it’s the American language.

When I finally got my hands on the recipe I was a bit stumped, because it asked for hominy beans, we don’t seem to have that in sunny South Africa, but from the show and the way she explained the origination of the bean, I knew we do actually have it in our stores its better known as Samp.

Of course I adapted the recipe and used curried samp and beans that come in a tin, added my own extra spices and left out the bacon after all it is a fasting day today.

The recipe also asked for bread crumbs, but after trying to find it in my cupboard and coming up empty handed thanks to my dad.

I asked him to look for something in the cupboard for me, I gave him direct instructions and directions on where to find it… spice cupboard, top shelf in the right hand corner and what does he do??? He rearranges everything in such a way that now there are things that don’t have a place anymore and somehow my salt has found a new home in the cupboard where we keep the pans, remind me to never ask again. I will rather wait till I get home.

Anyway, I gave up on looking for bread crumbs and substituted it for something the kids will love, I blitz 2 packets of mini cheddars till they were fine and resembled bread crumbs… hey what can I say an Indian always has a plan.

All in all this was a delicious dish, even if I must say so myself. My parents believe it or not ate the entire dish, not sure what my dad will be taking for his work lunch tomorrow.


  • 1 x onion, finely chopped.
  • 1 x red pepper, deseeded and finely chopped.
  • 250gx mushrooms, chopped.
  • 1 x cup cream.
  • 1 x tsp masala.
  • ¼ x tsp turmeric powder.
  • ½ x cup cheddar cheese, grated.
  • ½ x cup swiss cheese, grated.
  • ½ x cup parmesan cheese, grated.
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 x packets mini cheddars, blitzed.
  • 3 x tins Samp and beans, curry flavour.


  • In a pot, heat some oil.
  • Add the onion, peppers and mushrooms and cook till the peppers are soft.
  • Add the samp and beans with their sauce and some seasoning.
  • Add the cream and spices, stir and allow the mixture to come the boil.
  • Cover and cook till the mixture starts to thicken and has reduced a little.
  • Remove from the heat and stir in all the cheese.
  • Pour the mixture into an over proof dish.
  • Sprinkle the mini cheddar crumbs over the top and some cheese if you have any extra.
  • Pop into a preheated oven and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or until the top is nice and golden brown.

Tell me what you think of this recipe