How to make a Kiwi tortoises


Kiwi tortoise

1 kiwi makes 2 tortoises.


  • 1 kiwki, cleaned, cut in half and the round tops cut off so that the tops are flat.
  • 3 x white grapes.
  • Black edible ink pen


  • Arrange the cut kiwi on the plate.
  • Take 1 grape and cut it in half length wise, this is used for the head.
  • Take the other 2 grapes and cut them in half length wise and then in half so that 1 grape can give you 4 small pieces which we will use for the legs.
  • Arrange the grapes on the side for the legs and the big half at the top for the head.
  • Take your black edible pen and draw eyes for your tortoise.

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