How to make a prosciutto and brie sarmie

A while back while I watching Lorraine Pascale’s cooking show, she mentioned that she loved toasted prosciutto and brie sarmies.

It looked so inviting and tempting and juicy, that I knew when morning came, I had to pop down to the store and buy me some brie and prosciutto.


This sandwich is really easy to make and  the saltiness of the bacon with the brie is such a lovely combination.

To assemble this sandwich, butter to slices of bread and lay them butter side facing up.

On one slice, layer your bacon and then place the slices brie onto of the bacon.

Place the other slice of bread buttered side facing down on top of the brie.

Lightly butter both the top and bottom slices of the sandwich.

Place in a hot pan and toast both sides of the sandwich till nice and golden brown on a medium heat.

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