How to make the perfect toasted chicken, mayo and cheese sandwiches

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From the time I could remember I have loved chicken and mayo sandwiches… my mum and gran used to make the best… the toast used to be nice and crispy and brown enough.

Me on the other hand I either make the toast to pale or I burn it pitch black I think it is an art to get it just brown enough.

To make these sarmies you will need the following:


  • Shredded chicken fillet that has been cooked or left over chicken pieces that you have broken in to pieces works even better.
  • Tomatoes, cubed.
  • Onions, sliced or cubed.
  • Cucumber, cubed.
  • salt and pepper to taste.
  • Mayonaisse.
  • slices of Mozzarella cheese.
  • Dijon original mustard.
  • Slices of buttered bread.



  • In a bowl, add the chicken, the salt and pepper and mix well.
  • Add the cubed tomatoes, cucumber and mix.
  • Add the mayonaisse and mix well so that everything is coated.
  • Lay down 1 slice of the butter bread.
  • Spread a dollop of mustard over the bread.
  • Add the chicken filling and spread it nice and evenly.
  • Place the mozzarella cheese slices over the filling.
  • Add the onion rings on the top.
  • Finally take another butter slice of bread and place it buttered side down onto the filling mixture.
  • Butter both outside side slices of the bread and fry on a medium heat in a pan till nice and brown.
  • Cut into triangles and enjoy.

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