Indian coconut ice


Also known as Coconut paak

My mother has had this recipe since forever. I can’t remember where exactly or who she got it from, but she has had it.

We never really attempted it, because not everyone is a huge lover of coconut in the house and I have had many many many mannny disasters where it comes to try to get coconut to set.

In my defence, this recipe is not supposed to be sooo green, but while I was colouring it my mother kept saying add more green, it must be a nice green colour and I kept adding and then when I poured the syrup over the coconut everything went a very darker shade of green… lesson learnt a little goes a long way lol.


6 x cups desiccated coconut.

½ x cup Nestle dessert cream

½ x cup condense milk

2 x tsp elatchi powder.

Few drops of green/pink food colouring.


1 1/3 x cup normal white sugar.

1 x cup water.


Boil the water and sugar together in a pot till it reaches 102 degrees on the sugar thermometer.

While the syrup is boiling make the mixture


In a large bowl, mix the coconut and elatchi powder.

Add the dessert cream and condense milk and mix.


Add the food colouring and mix so that the colouring coats all the coconut.

When the syrup reaches the correct temperature.


Pour into the coconut mixture.

Using your hands, mix well so that the mixture is nice and sticky.

Line a baking dish with grease proof paper and evenly spread your mixture into your dish.

Smooth the top so that everything is level.


Then take a fork and rake the top of your mixture to create a rough look.

Sprinkle 1000’s over the top.

Cling wrap the entire dish and pop into the fridge to set over night.


Once set, cut into desired shapes.


I made this recipe for the main night of Navarthi.

Tell me what you think of this recipe