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I love LOVE Ladoo, I think the last time I had a delicious proper Laddoo was in 2008, no one seems to be able to make it these days.

And when they do make it, its orange like bright orange and looks funny.

I was seriously under the impression that in order to make Ladoo you needed specialized tools… aka a slotted spoon.

But I found out that I could push the batter through the lid of my icing sugar shaker and it worked perfect… MAGIC

Now I can make ladoo as often as I like


3½ x cups of gram flour

20ml x baking powder

5ml x yellow food colour

10ml x ghee

5ml x elachi powder

Water to form a batter… I used roughly 1 ¾ x cup water

Finely chopped coloured almonds for decoration

Oil for deep frying

Ingredients for syrup

2 cups x castor sugar

3 cups x water

2ml x elachi

2 drops of yellow food colour


Method for syrup

Combine the above ingredients in a pot till and boil till a sticky consistency is reached.

Method for laddoo

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Combine the above ingredients to form a smooth, thick liquid batter.

Pour the batter through a spoon with large holes , I used the lid of my icing sugar shaker held over the hot oil.

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Fry the tiny balls untill golden brown and place into the syrup.

Allow the tiny balls to stand for a couple of minutes till you see that the balls have changed colour and the syrup has seeped into the balls.

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Using a spoon remove the balls from the syrup and drain excess syrup, place on a plate till all the balls have been removed from the syrup

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Mould the mixture to form round golf sized balls.

Decorate the top with coloured almonds.

Tell me what you think of this recipe