Local legends cook off

For my birthday in June I decided to take the bull by the horns and enter the Local legends cook off competition.image

I entered and completely forgot all about it, I was not expecting to get noticed.

I entered my gran’s bread pudding recipe.image

In the middle of July I received an email informing me that my bread pudding was selected as a semi finalist and the judges needed a sample. So I made the bread pudding again, no getting my hopes up high… I mean bread pudding from an amateur like myself what are the chances???

Only to get a phone call a week later telling me I was selected as a finalist to take part in the cook off… NOW reality kicked in.

I was chosen as a finalist, I have never in my life been chosen for a cooking show finalist never ever, but here I was…then the nerves hit home… I was so nervous I was hoping they would call and cancel or that they had made a mistake. I had no finger nails left by the end of the week,

2 days before the finals I got another phone call telling me due to HSSE reasons we were to bake at home and bring the dish in… phew I could breath a sigh of relief I was not nervous anymore, I think the nerve wrecking part was baking in front of the public. What would have happened if I had put salt instead of sugar oh me and my drama’s LOL.

My cooking coach, my mum and I am arrived super early to enjoy the set ups of the different stalls and sample all the samples.

And there were ALOT of samples.

We had Chef Dean Dickason to help us arranged our dishes like a food stylist would and make it soo beautiful and boy oh boy was I so amazed, I would have drizzled custard over the top and used spray whipped cream but no he placed my bread pudding piece in the center, poured custard around the slice and then used pouring cream and poured it into the custard….WHO would have thought of that??? Not me.

It was such an amazing experience, when I came 3rd place and my name was called, I could not stop smiling, I was smiling as if I had won first prize!!! LOL my mother was so proud she couldn’t wait to get home and phone the family up.

For my 3rd prize gifts, I got a bucket full of cleaning products, shakers, jugs a massive ladle and a whisk and the up side I won a weekend away for 2… who wants to go with me??? Any takers?

I got to keep the lovely apron and hat.

Here is to many more cooking competitions and hopefully some 1st places as well 🙂


Tell me what you think of this recipe