London burgers

Take one look at me and you will know that I loved, well actually still love McDonalds. Now with it being able to be delivered to me, there is no need to even leave the house to enjoy a juicy mcfest spicy medium meal with a creamsoda no ice.

I was all for ice in my drinks and then a friend,  Ian Opplet told me that the ice just makes the drink seem fuller and when it melts it waters down the drink, ever since then I have been a no ice girl.

Of course, McDonalds driver through never seems to get my order correct they keep giving me McFeast royal, which I mean seriously I do not want BBQ sauce all over my face, I want the spice, the heat that it makes the skin above my top lip burn and my nose to run. Not the sweetness from the BBQ sauce.

Another advantage about McDonalds is the breakfast part. Especially when I wake up late and the craving hits me for something meaty on the way to work, nothing like speeding through the drive through.

I am not a huge fan of eggs, especially fried eggs on the whole, the white of the egg, I can’t stand the texture. So when I order a drive through breakfast I tend to stay away from the options that contain eggs, and again lately they keep giving me a god dam egg and what do I do, I just slide the egg off and crumble it up for the birds, even they don’t seem to want to eat the egg. Then when my brother sees me eating the McMuffin, he whines and moans till I give him the patty, so all I really end up with is flow drip coffee and a dry English toasted muffin.

I am not sure, why I never ever tried to replicate a mcmuffin at home, it seems pretty easy. Then I came across a recipe on how to make one at home and although the recipe said to use sausage meat and shape into a patty, I improvised and used burger patties instead. It seemed to have served the same purpose.

I was two minds on whether or not to add the egg onto the patty, but I gave it and finally put my new egg rings to good use. Nothing like a perfectly round egg on a round patty on a round lightly toasted English muffin.

I ate mine with a generous dollop of onion chutney and let me just say something. I think I may have died and gone to heaven.

There is no way in hell, I will ever be eating a McDonalds mcmuffin again, not after I have tasted the homemade version.

My dad, he was a bit hopeless on this, he was in a bad mood, because he complained that the draining board was dirty so he took it upon himself to throw boiling water all over the draining board and the water spread everywhere, under the sink cupboard, onto the floor and all over my recently dried dishes. When I complained he threw a mini tantrum and ate in silence not really looking or tasting at what he was eating, he just ate. The tantrum lasted all day. Not sure why, seeing as I had to clean his mess and then rewash all the dishes all because he could not wait for me to finish with all the dishes before cleaning the draining board. Men


  • 2 x burger patties, fried.
  • 1 x English muffin, sliced and lightly toasted.
  • 1 x egg, fried.
  • Salt and pepper to season.
  • Onion chutney.


  • Place one half of the English muffin toasted side up on a plate.
  • Add on a patty, fried egg and season.
  • Add on the last patty, a good dollop of the chutney.
  • Finally add the top of the English muffin onto the chutney.

Tell me what you think of this recipe