Mango agua fresca

I would be lying if I told you that I was a healthy fruit juice or water drinker…..LYING in capital letters.

I am not a fan of fruit juices, they make my tongue feel funny and water… ew.. sies. When Vitamin water was around, I drank it like it was going out of fashion and then it really did go out of fashion… there went my water phase.

Yes yes, I know my mother keeps telling me 8 glasses of water a day is good for you, but seriously the taste of water just is not my idea of what water should taste like.

With that being said, I drink water every now and then, like when I crave for it, but that is like the odd occasion, like when the wine wants to leave my veins but no amount of creamsoda is making it move, that is when I drink bottles and bottles of water, other than that, you will never seeing me buying water or walking around with a water bottle… nope, never has been me, never going to be me.

My uncle used to have this saying: “Why should he eat healthy, if his going to die anyway.” And I am following that, why drink water, when I could be drinking all the drinks out there that the world has to offer.

I came across this recipe in a vegan cookbook and at first I was like… ja, never going to happen, not with sparkling water and especially not with fresh mango, whose going to peel and cut that massive fruit??? Mangoes are the messiest fruit out there and to still my hands around in there… I must be going crazy.

Then when I woke up one morning and saw that my parents had gone mangoes and filled the entire fridge with fresh mangoes to help combat the summer heat and that someone… not me… someone in the family pushed a few mangoes against the fridge element, causing them to freeze up, I decided to put them to use, seeing as when they eventually defrosted that would be soggy.

With all the facts and frozen mangoes against me, I gave in and made the recipe for mango fresca.

The recipe itself, consists of 5 ingredients, no added unrefined sugar, is a breeze to make, but considering that I had an audience when I was trying to graciously peel these frozen mangoes, made everything that little bit harder.

There was mango flesh everywhere, from the walls to the floors and even on my tshirt and the frozen bits, gave my hands frost bite.

All in all, this was a deliciously refreshing dish and my mother says, she would drink it again. My dad was not very happy seeing as I used up 4 of his mangoes.


  • 4 x ripe mangoes, peeled, deseeded and flesh removed.
  • 1L x sparkling water.
  • 1x tsp lime juice.
  • Maple syrup for sweetness.


  • Place everything in the blender and blitz till nice and smooth.
  • Pour through a fine mesh sieve to catch any fleshy bits.
  • Serve with ice, mint leaves and lime wedges.

Tell me what you think of this recipe