Mummy can I please have a freak shake

The current tread is the freak shake… I have been dying to try one out since I read about it in the paper.


I keep googling and sending my mother pictures of different freak shakes in the vain hope she will take me to get one… it will be so weird to go by myself with this massive milkshake.

However she is making me wait till after the fast… which is like taking forever to end… technically it is only 4 more days to go but still seriously in milkshake terms it is taking for ever.


To make up for the fact that I am patiently waiting I had a generic version teeny tiny version of a freak shake at Wimpy… a little to small for my liking but I let my imagination go wild.

…Counting down the days till I am relaxing in the sun sipping my freak shake…

Tell me what you think of this recipe