My quest for a freak shake continues



SOOOOOOOOO…. It’s February almost the end of the year and I have still not had a freak shake… I know I can be a tad bit dramatic… my mother always tells me I am sooo dramatic… can I help it if I did drama in school???

My father took my mother out for a pre-valentine’s breakfast and I tagged along as the third wheel… Firstly whose not going to want a free breakfast and secondly I don’t have a valentine so I just attached myself to my parents 🙂

Last time I tried the green milkshake… so today I tried the blue bubblegum one… I did get constant stares from the old tannies at the next table who had that look as to say you are too old to be having blue milkshakes lol

Let the quest for the freak shake continue!!!!

Tell me what you think of this recipe