No bake eggless chocolate cream pie


I have always wanted to try making a chocolate cream pie, but when I read some the recipes out there, it just puts me off.

Well some ask for gelatine and I have never worked with gelatine leaves before in my life.

Then comes the part where the pie has to baked in a water bath, that alone makes me just skip over to the next recipe.

When my mum become a vegetarian, it took me out of my comfort zone and made my grey matter work, by researching and trying out recipes that were eggless, yet tasty enough that people would still enjoy eating it… I mean just because something doesn’t have eggs doesn’t meant that it has to taste like cardboard. That is when I came across the website Loving it Vegan that has a ton of vegan recipes that are sooo delicious.


Ingredients for the base:

  • 2 x cups Walnuts
  • 1 x cup pitted Medjool Dates
  • 1/4 x cup Cocoa Powder

Ingredients for the Filling:


  • 500g x Chocolate Chips… I used half dark and half and white, for a lighter colour.
  • 400ml x whipping Cream
  • 125g x Almond Butter


  • Add the walnuts, dates and cocoa powder to the food processor and process until it starts to clump together and forms a sticky dough.


  • Pat down into a pie dish and work it up the sides a little bit.
  • Place into the freezer to set while you work on the filling.
  • Add the chocolate chips and place the almond butter ontop of the chocolate chips and set aside
  • Add the cream to a microwave safe bowl and heat up it.


  • Pour the hot cream over the chocolate chips and almond butter. Make sure all the chocolate is covered with the hot cream. Leave to sit for a minute.
  • Whisk until the chocolate sauce is nice and thick.
  • Pour the sauce over the base.


  • Place into the fridge until completely set.
  • Serve grated chocolate and whipped cream.


Tell me what you think of this recipe