Pomegrante and mint raita


I love raita, especially with a nice strong curry.

In our household we always and I mean always have a yoghurt based side dish to go with our curries. My mum says its healthy and also prevents heart burn and the side effects of a hot curry as it makes its way around the tummy.

Who am I to argue, mother knows best and besides it tastes super delicious.

I have quite a few raita’s up my sleeve, cucumber; coconut, mint, beetroot, spinach and then I read Anjum Anand’s cook book and she had a new raita for me to try out.

A raita with pomegranate, now I am not a huge fan of pomegranates at all, I see no use what so ever for this fruit, because the few times I have tried eating the red seeds well they tasted too crunchy and hard for my liking.

Seeing as I do like to try everything at least once when it comes to cooking, I threw caution to the wind and made this raita.

Wow, super delicious and the mint with the sweet pomegranate a perfect match. To tell you the truth, I think I am a pomegranate lover after all.


  • ¼ x cup pomegranate seeds.
  • 1 x cup plain y oghurt.
  • ¾ x tsp cumin powder.
  • 1 x tsp sughar.
  • A handful of chopped mint leaves.
  • Salt and pepper to season.


  • Mix everything together in a bowl and chill for a couple of minutes before serving.

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