In our household, roti lasts about 3 seconds.

We eat roti, like people eat bread.

This was the first thing my mum taught me to make from scratch… okay well I tried it myself and failed hopelessly.

I bought a book where the lady was showing you how to make roti. I couldn’t find my mother’s recipe book, so I went out and bought a roti recipe, the recipe in the book asked for baking powder and well to cut a long story short.

My roti was used in the lastest Jackie Chan movie as a shield… yes it was rock hard and burnt to a crisp, yet still somehow raw.

I also made it as a surprise for my parents and well they ate it in silence before my mum gave me her recipe and taught me how to make a roti the right way.

Most recipes ask to use butter but my mother’s friend’s late mother said that Rama margarine is better to use when making roti and it doesn’t give that burnt butter smell off when you are frying.

This recipe is a rough estimate on how to make roti. In my personal opinion, roti making is a feeling game. When you add the margarine, and rub it in, you have to feel will your dough be soft enough or do you need to add more margarine and the same goes with the water, sometimes I used more, sometimes I use less. Another factor in roti making is the weather, the hotter it is the less margarine, the colder it is the more margarine you will land up using.


This recipe makes roughly a dozen medium sized rotis.

  • 5 x cups cake flour
  • A pinch of salt.
  • About 100g x rama margarine, becareful because when you add the hot water the margarine melts and it is better to start with less marg and add more than have to much margarine to start off with.
  • 3 x cups boiling hot water…. You might need more, you might need a little less.


  • Sift the cake flour into a bowl.
  • Add the salt and mix.
  • Rub in the margarine, till it resembles a crumb mixture.


  • Slowly add the hot water and using a spoon, mix till the mixture comes together and is cool enough to the touch.



  • Using your hands, knead till the mixture is a nice ball.
  • Turn out onto a floured surface and knead till nice and smooth and elastic.
  • Cut into equal pieces.


  • Rub the tops of each with margarine and dust with some flour.


  • Fold one side over the other.


  • Squeeze into your hand and then roll into a log.


  • Roll both ends up and working your way to the center so that it forms an S.


  • Fold one side ontop of the other.


  • Pop into a tray, cover and pop into the fridge for an hour so that the margarine can chill.


  • Roll out each piece on a floured surface into a round shape.
  • Gently brush the pan with some melted margarine and fry the roti on one side cooked through, flip and repeat, some brown air bubble pockets are what you are looking for.

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