Rough puff pastry


I am a huge Bake off fan, I never miss an episode and I have all the cookbooks that pertain to the big white Bake off tent.

Every season I always hear the words, rough puff, full puff or hot water crust and I never know what they are talking about.

I did some research and when I first read the recipe on how to make puff pastry, a Anna Olson recipe and I saw her show about how she made it, I was put off, to complicated and to  many turns and chills. Not for someone like me where the clock doesn’t have a puff pastry setting just a time warp setting that as soon as I get up in the morning there isn’t much time to chill anything.

Then I watched My Kitchen rules SA and I saw one of the teams make a rough puff, bake and serve it in less than 2 hours and I was intrigued. Of course most recipes on the internet complicate the ingredients and I just zone out without even focusing in on the method.

While I was looking for inspiration in Lisa Clarks cookbook about what to make for supper, I came across a rough puff recipe and I was hooked.

I completely forgot what I was looking for in the book and decided then and there that whatever we were having for supper had to comprise of a rough puff anything.

I landed up making Lisa’s chicken and leek pie that consisted of rough puff.

From experience of the store bought puff pastry I never get the puff of the different layers, they either rise a little or expand considerably or in more cases than I would like to mention they just stay flat like a pancake.

I was a bit worried the same would happen here and I didn’t have any great expectations.

I was over the moon when the pie came out the oven and the pastry rose so beautifully and you could see the layers that I completely forgot that the pie had a filling, I was eating the pastry and tasting and admiring and tasting and admiring and more admiring, I was just shocked, that I would battle when trying to roll puff pastry off the blue paper lining that it comes wrap around in, managed to make puff pastry from scratch, even if it was a short cut pastry, but who needs to know that part?


  • 250g x cake flour, sifted.
  • 1 x tsp salt.
  • 250g x cold butter, cubed.
  • 150ml x cold water.


  • Mix salt and flour in a bowl together.
  • Add the butter and using your fingers, roughly crumb the butter into the flour.
  • Do not overwork the butter as there should still be visible pieces of butter.
  • Add in the cold water and bring the mixture together to form a rough looking ball.
  • Wrap in cling wrap and pop into the fridge to chill for 20 minutes.
  • Turn out a floured surface and roll in one direction only to create a long piece of pastry.
  • Fold one side 2 thirds of the way and then the other side on third.
  • Turn 45 degrees and repeat once more.
  • Cling wrap and chill for 20 minutes or freeze till ready for use.

Tell me what you think of this recipe