Sugar coated scones makes the fasting go fast… fasting go fast.



The fasting hasn’t actually started yet and I am already feeling a sugar low don’t even mention the craving of a T-bone steak.

I found that when we fast and sustain from meat we tend to want to snack more. Junk always seem to be close at hand, but a while back I came across this eggless recipe for scones that uses sprite. Can you believe it.. Sprite. Normally scones are made with buttermilk and mass but sometimes I never have that on hand, but there is always sprite in the fridge which means I can quickly whip up a batch of these beauties for tea time.

Today when I tried them I brushed the tops down with water and sprinkled brown sugar over the top just before popping them into the oven to bake.

This recipe I got via a facebook posting. Its a cool video to watch should you ever come across it.

My version’s recipe can be found under the recipe section of the blog or just click on the word “Sprite Scones”

Till we cook again

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