Tangy herb chutney

Tangy herb chutney

There is the salad or should I say side dish in temple. To tell you the truth, I have only seen it made during Purtassi.

I have asked and begged and begged till my knee caps have started aching for this recipe.

I even went so far as to ask our priest’s wife for it, her recipe contained tamarind and well my dad read the ingredients and the method he told me to throw the recipe away. His been around long enough and cooked enough temple meals to know that this recipe contains zero tamarind. I did throw in the line that this aunty is publishing a cook book and he replied I was taught by the late priest’s wife and she never used a recipe book… real cooks don’t need to follow a recipe. I think I hit a nerve.

Anyway, I ditched the recipe and then went back to my routine and started pleasing again. Of course, people hate sharing recipes and when they  do, it’s always a little this a little that, which is so frustrating. One aunty told me to use peanuts. She didn’t exactly tell me how to use it, she just said pop them in the oven to roast and then add them to the dish… helpful much??

I even went so far as to try googling it… I came up with zip seeing as I could not spell that name properly, then I tried googling the English name for this dish and I came up with so many hits, but nothing that was the actual dish.

I came across this recipe in a book that I have had even before I learnt to cook, the book fell open and when I picked it up to push it back onto the shelf I saw that the page it had fallen open onto was for a recipe that was called tangy herb salad, the ingredients were similar to that of my “quest salad.”

So I gave it a try and guess what, it tasted just like the temple salad. I was blown away and this salad is all I could eat for the entire day.

The Indian name for the salad I was searching for was mint thorvel…. Please excuse the spelling because google and auto correct can’t even help me with the correct spelling.


  • 60g x coriander.
  • 2 x tbsp. lemon juice.
  • 20g x mint leaves.
  • 25g x pistachios.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • 1 x clove of garlic.
  • 4 – 6 x tbsp. water.


  • Place everything in the blender and blitz till smooth.

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