Tea time chillibites

With lockdown in full swing I am freezing everything that can be frozen. Apparently you can freeze spinach but I am not 100% sure of that.

I mean imagine making chillibites with frozen spinach. Yah I don’t think that will go down well with my parents.

With all this space in my fridge now, you would think that nothing would actually touch the back of the fridge and get frost bite. Geez was I so wrong. I asked my dad to put the milk back in the fridge door for me and he did it without complaining and I didn’t even think twice about checking up on him.

Then 24 hours later when I went to get something from the fridge I saw what he had done. He first tried to fit the milk bottle onto the top shelve and when he saw that it wouldn’t fit he gave in and put it in the door, where I might add it belongs.

But when he was trying to force a rectangular shape into the square space on the top shelf he pushed the only other item on that shelf, which was the spinach, further back so that half the packet was touching the element of the fridge and it slowly started to get frost bite.

Boy was I mad, when I mentioned it to him, all he could do was say “ OH,” which made me even madder, I was so mad, I almost didn’t give him any lunch, but then I remembered that the takeaways are all closed so I gave in and gave him suppers left overs, not that he deserved it, he should have starved for the day.

Seeing as only half the packet of spinach had frost bite, I decided to clean and keep aside the good part of the packet and then I came across a recipe for chillibites in the Durban 2edition cookbook and I thought, why not try it out.

Super easy to make and super fun. My mum tried helping me out by using the mechanical ice cream scoop, loved the funny shapes and when she saw me inspecting them she blamed the ice cream scoop, saying that the batter just fell out of the scoop….hmmm sure, blame the innocent ice cream scoop.


  • 500g x chilli bite mix.
  • 1 x bunch coriander, roughly chopped.
  • 100g x spinach, roughly chopped.
  • 2 x onions, finely chopped.
  • 1 x green chilli, thinly sliced.
  • 250ml x lukewarm water.
  • Oil for deep frying.


  • In a bowl mix together all the dry ingredients.
  • Slowly add a little water at a time and mix.
  • The batter should be thick like a fritter batter and not too runny like a pancake.
  • Using a mechanical ice cream scoop, drop scoopfuls of the batter into the hot oil.
  • Deep fry till light and golden brown.
  • Remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen towel for a few minutes.

Tell me what you think of this recipe