Whose Bobby and why Chilli bitten

Hello and welcome to one and all.

Before I begin with the long essay of telling you who I am. I just want to say thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 If by chance you accidentally came across my blog or you were purposefully given direct orders to visit it… thank you so much… every visitor is important.

Now to the more pressing matters:

Who in the World is Bobby…..*drum roll* *trumpets blowing*

Well Bobby really isn’t my real name…Bobby is the name that I got as a teeny tinny ankle biter that somehow stuck. Apparently when I was this teeny tiny ankle biter, I used to march up and down the passage at home only clad in a nappy and my mother says I reminded her so much of the London Bobby’s, which are the guards who march up and down and wear those big black fluffy hats… hence the nickname… Even our priest calls me Bobby. I am by no means a trained chef… I am a qualified Civil engineer working in the petroleum industry but my passion is food in all forms.

Why a blog and why food of all things?????

When my gran passed on in 2008, she left me all her recipe books as a 21st birthday gift and what better starting block than to learn all her recipes.

Baking is part of my DNA, my gran’s mum passed her skills down to her, she passed it down to my mum and my mum couldn’t wait to pass it down to me. This culinary interest was just up her street.

Don’t get me wrong, know one forced me into the kitchen with a spatula. I always wanted to bake a cake or cook a pot of delicious food that you see on tv or decorate those amazing cakes that you see in the stores, but the idea was very daunting. I was always under the impression that you needed to be a qualified Patisserie chef to be able to make a pouring cake when in fact all you really needed was a straw and loads of M&M’s.

That is why I started a blog not only to share recipes, but also to break it down into very very basic steps with illustrations and methods that are easy to follow.

I find nothing more pleasing than a long day in safety boots and covered in dust, to go home and turn flour, water and a bit of salt into roti or bread or dough. The kneading and the molding it is just so satisfying that I who couldn’t even make spaghetti is able to make a roti. That is a high that no drug can even match.

I am only human and I do not judge….and I am still learning the difference between gum paste and fondant and any other name of plastic icing

Just because I said baking was in my DNA doesn’t mean that I am an expert any means.

I still hold my breath as I bake a cake so that the middle doesn’t sink when I take it out the oven.

More times than I would like to mention I burn things I should be keeping an eye on when frying.

To this day I have no idea what the difference between gum paste, sugar paste, plastic icing and fondant is. I just dropped them into my trolley, send up a silent prayer I am buying the right thing and then rush home to use it.


9 out of 10 times, there was tears and drama and probably an entire roll of hand towel.. Oh that is something you should know. I love hand towel, I can not live without hand towel in the kitchen. I will wash dishes over and over again just so that I can mop up the area with hand towel.

Another one of my loves is shopping for baking utensils, trays and cookie cutters… I can never have enough. My dad build me a cupboard with draws just to hold my collection. He better start on another one at the rate I am carrying on.

While most people have ice cream and food in their freezer, mine is full of sprinkles, seeds, nuts, puff pastry, margarine and fondant.

There are many many more flops and there will most likely be many more which I will know doubt share with you.

I would like to mention a two people who you will encounter along the way… my mum Layla, my dad, who are the real taste testers ( I have heard them complaining I am making them fat) , my supporters, my investors and marketing team and my dishwashers.. especially when it comes to cleaning chocolate icing. I tend to make the kitchen sink worse than cleaner … without these 2 people there would be no blog no flops and no room for improvement.

No better joy in feeding my parents or should I say force feeding them 🙂 🙂