Thembi’s peach and custard trifle

In our household and friends circles, I am known for my killer trifles, from the plain Christmas trifle to chocolate birthday trifles to caramel trifles and every other trifle in between.

So when I was looking for inspiration for this week’s food menu, I came across a recipe for a peach and custard trifle, it was also no bake which was just up my street.

I have never tried a peach and custard so I was super excited to try this out.

The base asked for tennis biscuits, which suited my vegetarian pantry. Baumans tennis biscuits are eggless , which allows my mother to also eat this trifle. All hell would break loose if I had to make a dessert or a sweet treat that she was unable to sample. She would not let me live it down. She would sulk and sulk and sulk and use every opportunity to remind me of the time I forgot she was a vegetarian and you know my dad. My dad would egg her on and encourage my mother to be on may case and here I thought he was on my side.

I had most of the ingredients in my pantry, the biscuits and canned peaches. For some or other reason there was two cans of tinned peaches just sitting on the shelve and I managed to hide a tub of Woolworths custard away from my family long enough to make this dessert. Generations of my family only eat Woolworths vanilla custard, it is the first item that goes onto the shopping list and it is the first item that gets devoured. Somehow I hid this week’s custard behind the cream and no one seemed to have seen the tub, so hey presto it was all mine. The only thing I had to go out to buy was fruit cocktail yoghurt.

I am not really a fruit cocktail yoghurt kind of person, I hate the aftertaste this yoghurt leaves behind, but because the recipe asked for it. I put my dislike for this yoghurt aside to try it out. Verdict, nope nope NOOO I do not like and I will never like fruit cocktail yoghurt. I was so greedy for this dessert that I dished a big bowl and after three spoonfuls I was just spooning and swallowing to get the dish down and get the aftertaste over with.

My parents loved it. My dad ate the most, he loves trifle. Sneaky man, hid the remainder at the back of the fridge and claimed it for him as a midnight snack.

All in all, most of the family like this dish, I would have liked it, if I had maybe tried a different yoghurt. Who knows, maybe next time.


  • 1 x 200g packet tennis biscuits.
  • 1 x 1L fruit cocktail yoghurt.
  • 2 x 410g x tinned peaches slices, liquid drained.
  • 1 x 1L vanilla custard.


  • Line the bottom of a pyrex dish with a layer of the tennis biscuits.
  • Evenly spread a layer of the yoghurt over the tennis biscuits.
  • Add a layer of the sliced peaches and top with custard.
  • Repeat the layers, making sure that you end with a custard layer.
  • Pop into the fridge to chill over night before serving.

Tell me what you think of this recipe