Vanilla biscuits with hidden chocolate centers

We are in the second week of August only and I feel like I am ready for 2021.

July ended with load shedding and I thought come August, everything would be smooth sailing. I was wrong on soo many levels.

Since the beginning of August, our area has had water problem after water problem. I have no idea what it is to shower in hot water anymore. I have been bucket bathing with kettle water and either using dry shampoo or washing my hair in the sink.

I miss being able to stand under running water and to open the tap and just wash my hands. Geez, who knew water pressure was so important??? We have a constant battle in our house at the moment, my dad refuses to wash cowboy style and hops into the shower and then channels his inner women and stays in the shower till all the hot water is used up and I am left with ice water and a kettle whose element I am going to burn out soon.

The excuse our Councilor gave was that a valve wasn’t working and the Municipality was going to fix it, not sure when, but in the mean time I look like I need to be held down and scrubbed clean with an orange bag. I feel sticky and I am sure that I have started to smell, but my nose has just blocked that smell.

Just because there is no water, doesn’t mean that I get off cooking. Currently I am cooking with bottled water.

It seems as if water is just the tip of the ice berg or should I say just one of the many things I am currently juggling. I took it easy at work during lockdown and boy oh boy has the paper work come back and taken a large chunk out of my dirty backside and forced me to get my ass into gear. With that, my mother’s 2nd eldest brother is sick and every time I sit back and focus on him, I seem to open up that place in my heart that I closed off when Rags passed away and it is emotional draining.

As if my plate wasn’t full enough already, I took up a new hobby. I taught myself to crochet and boy do I love it, it is soo addictive. I am busy making a green blanket for the 67 blankets project. I crochet into the wee hours of the morning and in the morning I look like hell. But I just love it.

My parents did complain that I am neglecting them; they haven’t had a sweet thing to eat in two weeks. So I decided to take the day off from crocheting and whip up a batch of cookies. After all I need to butter them up; someone has to foot my wool shopping bill. I am a heavy handed shopper.

I came across this recipe in Sam Linsell’s recipe book. I grew up eating these cookies till they came out of my ears. During my high school career, our school created a recipe book and this recipe submitted by our school secretary was in there and my mother just loved making these.

This was the first time I attempted to make them.

They were super easy to make and super fun. Hearing the critics from my family was just as fun to hear, my mother being the expert on these cookies was tough, she thought that the dough to chocolate filling was not even and I needed to add more chocolate. My dad thought they were too round and big, it needed to be more bite size and my brother, he complained that I always make things with chocolate in, when I know full well his allergic.

Oh well… it was devoured in record time and it felt good to be getting my hands dirty, even if I had to use bottled water to clean everything in the end.


  • 210g x butter, room temperature.
  • 4 x tsp castor sugar, plus extra for dusting.
  • 1 x tsp vanilla essence.
  • 1 x tsp boiling water.
  • 250g x cake flour, sifted.
  • 200g x chocolate, chopped into 1cm square blocks.


  • In a bowl, cream together the butter, castor sugar, vanilla essence and water till light and fluffy.
  • Beat in the flour, till well combined.
  • Break off pieces of dough and enclose pieces of the chocolate in the center.
  • Place the balls on a greased baking tray.
  • Pop into a preheated oven
  • Bake at 180 degrees for 15 – 20 minutes or until the bottoms are lightly golden in colour.
  • Remove from the oven and immediately roll in the extra castor sugar.
  • Shake off the excess and place on a cooling rack to allow to cool completely.

Tell me what you think of this recipe