Vegan flourless banana flap jacks


I love flapjacks, especially flapjacks that are covered with maple syrup and ice cream… well as long as there is ice cream then I have no problem at all.

I like to try new things to bake especially now that my mother is a vegetarian learning to bake without eggs is now officially my new found hobby.

I love to look at family favourite cake recipes and try and see how I can make it into an eggless option or even a vegan option so that everyone can enjoy it. Before I took to eggless vegan baking… I always turning the page and a blind eye when I came across a recipe that said vegan, but now that I am actually eating vegan cakes, I am every so sorry that I bypassed those recipes, because vegan baking is actually soo much more delicious than normal baking… who would have thought that?


  • 1 x cup heaped oats.
  • ¼ x cup almond milk.
  • 1 x banana.
  • 1 x tsp baking powder.
  • 1 x tbsp. white wine vinegar.
  • 1 x tbsp. maple syrup
  • 1 x tsp vanilla essence.


  • Place all your ingredients in your blender.


  • Blitz till well combined.


  • At this stage I folded in some bitter sweet chocolate chips, but tis is optional.
  • Heat some oil in a pan and pour about ½ cup of batter into the pan.
  • Allow one side to fry till golden brown on one side, flip and repeat.


  • Serve with ice cream and maple syrup.

Tell me what you think of this recipe