Vermicelli halwa


This is one of those recipes that I love and I tried, year after year to get my hands on this recipe.

Google kept giving me carrot halwa apparently they never heard of vermicelli halwa. I tried asking aunties in temple, but they kept telling me it is such a complicated recipe they would make it for me and just drop it off.

A while back one of my facebooks friends shared a recipe for vermicelli halwa, which in my books is definitely a sign to try it out.

I did and guess what now I can make Halwa, although I only tend to make it Diwali time or when I have spare time since it requires a lot of stirring and I have the knack to take my eyes off things and then everything burns and get stuck to the pot.

I try to hide my brunt and stuck experiments but my mother has a nose and always ALWAYS finds it hidden away or pops her head around the kitchen just as I am scraping the bottom of the pot.


1 x box vermicelli

250g x rama margarine.

3 x cups normal white sugar.

1 x cup almonds halved and coloured.

1.5 x liters boiling water.

1 x tsp elachi powder

1 x tsp rose essence

2 x tsp yellow food colouring.

2 x tsp red food colouring


Fry the vermicelli and margarine in a pot until golden brown.

Add the boiling water, sugar and elachi powder, rose essence and food colouring.

Continue stirring to prevent the mixture from sticking to the bottom of the bot.


Allow to cook till the mixture starts to pull away from the sides, roughly 10 minutes.

Empty the mixture in a greased dish.

Sprinkle the coloured almonds over the top and if you want to you can sprinkle gold dust over the top as well.

Pop into the fridge to set over night.

When you are ready to serve cut the Halwa into diamond shapes and serve

Tell me what you think of this recipe